Anyone out there who has to do 10 hour exams will currently know exactly how I feel.

I am currently doing my ICT exam and it is spread out over three weeks. This does mean that we can go home and try to figure stuff out but right now, that is not helping me.

I am half way through the exam and stuck on Forms as this is a Database exam.

I would not be as far as I am if we hadn’t been able to look stuff up between the hours in the IT room.

I remember doing my Art Graphics exam. I much preferred that to this one.

In my Art exam I knew exactly what I was doing and it was much more enjoyable.

For this exam I have no idea what I am doing and I am having to go home figure it out and try and remember it for the next time we have the next section of our exam.

I’m sure we haven’t learnt some of the stuff they are covering and some of it is actually quite difficult and confusing and, in my mind, complex.

How can they do this to us?

Pure and Simple, they are the examiners and they are evil and can ask us anything they want to.

Meanwhile in Chemistry we are still learning some of our course, although we are nearly there, and in Geography we are doing revision, which I can’t be bothered to do, and covering our synoptic topic, which is water this year and I am now finding that I don’t really like water exam questions.

I don’t fare well in exams and I am not feeling hopeful about these next set either.

But I need to concentrate and do revision so I am prepared and actually get decent grades so I can go to University.

1 thought on “Exams

  1. “I don’t like water exam question.” HAHA!
    Ohh the joys of being a student…but if it was easy, everyone would pass and the whole concept would be void.
    Good luck with your ICT Niki!

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