Time to go Old Skool

So, I am currently sitting on my laptop and I am signed on to MSN!

It has been quite a while since I have been on here and it is a little weird.

But it is a great programmme. That is the only thing with the development of other sites like Facebook and Twitter.

People are on those sites more because you can post stuff and add pictures and all sorts of things like that but I still think that MSN is great.

It’s an easy quick way to be talking to people.

And you can do the whole Webcam thing but I suppose people use Skype for that.

But MSN doesn’t continue without problems.

I remember in the good-old-days when I would be on every night and pretty much every night something would go wrong. It would mostly be that my friends weren’t getting my messages or I wasn’t receiving theirs but we managed to sort it out in the end. Some how.

It seems MSN has gone out of fashion because there are too many other places that offer more.

I also remember when I had a Bebo account. I think I may still have mine but I haven’t been on in yonks!

And I think for a very short amount of time I had Myspace but that was even further back in time and then came along Facebook.

I’m not very good with keeping up-to-date on all these sites and I’m not the best at regularly posting (make a note for future reference and I manage to not post on here for ages) and I can’t manage to add pictures to Facebook in a decent amount of time.

I have recently joined Goodreads and already I am extremely bad at keeping on top of it all.

I joined a couple of groups but I haven’t really commented in any of the discussions and the only discussion I look at most regularly if the Amazon Kindle Daily Freebies (which is very bad as I have gotten loads of books, that I don’t need, recently).

Anyway, back to what I had originally started this post for.

As the years have passed we have managed to forget some of the good sites that we used to use. Bebo was a great site for young children to connect and chat.

And MSN was great for talking to your friends all evening if you had nothing to do. It could also come in useful if you had homework that you needed help with (which I did occasionally).

Facebook has replaced Myspace and it is probably better.

But now we also have Twitter…

Will Facebook and Twitter live harmoniously together or will one of them come out on top while the other if left behind and forgotten…?

What else is out there that has been taken over by a new, younger site that everyone has loved?

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2 thoughts on “Time to go Old Skool

  1. I miss Bebo! I used to have so much fun on that…

    But power to Twitter! I hope Facebook shuts down to be honest. It’s become nothing but a harmful, mind-numbing advertising hub for companies and irritating promotion that people use to show only the best side of them. Facebook people irritate me haha. I only have Facebook now literally in case I need to ask someone about homework or to connect with someone that I don’t get to see anymore. Which was SUPPOSED to be the idea of Facebook which seems to have gotten lost in the crossfire…

    • Haha, I know, so did I.
      Haha, because you don’t slightly hate Facebook….
      Yeah, I don’t use Facebook that much either. More for the groups for ICT and Geography and also because Tracey sometimes sends us messages on there about Rangers. 🙂

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