The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X by James Patterson



Format: Paperback


Daniel X Works Alone

Having watched from the shadows as the brutal murder of his own parents unfolded before him, he has been forced to make his own way in a dark and unforgiving world with a heavy task handed to him.

Daniel’s father was an alien hunter, working his way through a fearsome ‘wanted’ list of aliens intent on seeking control and wreaking devastation. Following his parents’ sudden deaths, Daniel faces an uncertain future. He knows little about his family or where he comes from but a few things are clear: he had inherited the list from his father and with it, a unique ability to create anything that he needs including some very devoted friends to help him along the way.

His ultimate aim is to exact revenge against number one on his list: his parents’ murderer. But first he must target the others: each more sinister and gruesome than the last.

The blurb for the book makes this sound like a very serious book and that Daniel X is much older. In actual fact he is only 15 years old and the way that James manages to tell the story is definitely from a 15 year old.

We get given the story from Daniel. He tells us how he watch his parents’ murders and he continues with the rest of his life. James has managed to prefect the way that the story sounds as it is from a younger point of view which is obvious through the whole book. Some times you forget slightly but then something happens or is said to remind you about the age of the story-teller.

The book is great in showing how lonely the world can be. Daniel is in extreme circumstances with the alien hunting part but there must be many people out there who feel exactly as he does but they can’t create family and friends to keep them company.

At times it was very funny reading the book but others were, of course, serious.

It was a good book but for a slightly younger age-bracket.

There are more books in the series which I may get one day but not at the moment.

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