I don’t want to be anything other than Me

Currently it seems like all the good TV shows are ending, well, all the ones I watch anyway.

Glee, Ringer, Secret Circle, One Tree Hill and Vampire Dairies have all finished. Luckily I still have 90210 but I don’t know for how much longer.

Most of them won’t be back on. Apparently Ringer and Secret Circle have been cancelled for further seasons and One Tree Hill was on it’s ninth and final season.


(hopefully some people will have recognised the One Tree Hill reference as the title. It was annoying when they kept changing who was singing it at the beginning of this season.)


I cannot believe One Tree Hill. I was definitely crying during the last ever two episodes. I had no idea how traumatic it would be for me.

It was soooo sweet when Clay and Quinn got married and then Logan called Quinn mum!!!! Major Awwwww moment.

And then it was all happiness as Brooke and her parents and how nice they were being to her and it was all thanks to Julian who is one of the best husband’s anyone could ever want!

And somehow they managed to finish it all extremely well. Everyone was at a Basketball match and we could see that Jamie had already beaten his dad’s scoring record which was nice as Nathan had told him to play for him and not for anyone else so his dedication was just him loving the game rather than having to follow in his father’s footsteps.

I was happy that Millie and Mouth were pregnant and wished that we could have met their child. It was a bit confusing seeing all the young babies all grown up, I couldn’t quite grasp who was who but they were all there.

And from One Tree Hill we jump to the Vampire Diaries.


I don’t really understand how Bonnie could kill one of her friends to preserve Klaus’s life. I mean ok it would mean her mum would die (along with everyone else) but surely her mum had to die at some point?

Anyway moving past that. I feel sorry that Caroline now doesn’t have Tyler. But I suppose she still has his body and then Klaus loves her anyway, so maybe things could possibly work for them.

I can’t believe that Damon met Elena first! And then he made her forget that they had met! And they irony is that Elena ended up choosing Stefan and told Damon that it might have been different if they had met first.

The TV series, apparently (I can’t remember), manage to follow the book in that Elena went off the bridge for a second time but this time she had vampire blood in her system which meant that she died but at the very end she woke up as a vampire. Should be interesting to see what happens now…

And on to Glee…


I love Finn for sending Rachel to New York but did he have to do it in such an emotional way! It was romantic that he wasn’t stopping her from following her dreams but did he really have to break up with her? I was crying at that point.

But I also can’t believe that Finn and Kurt didn’t get in to their chosen college’s. But I suppose it’s ok for Kurt as he gets to spend more time with Blain who was sad about him leaving.

I was really glad when Puck managed to pass the test and graduate with the rest of his year and it was emotional seeing Puck and Shannon united over their struggles in the penultimate episodes.

As I watched I also realised that there were a lot of couples in the Glee group and that most of them were being put into long distance relationships as the seniors passed on into college. But the only couple they really focused on was Kurt and Blain and as I absolutely love Blain I was telling the TV that I would have him when they were going through their troubles.

It was sweet when Santana said that she would stay for Britney as she hadn’t graduated and then lovely when her mum gave her the money she had saved up so she could do what she wanted over the next year.

(Finally) My heart went out to Mr Schuester when in a previous episode he had gone a little mad and tried to move up his wedding to Emma(Awwww!) because he was worried that the Glee kids wouldn’t come back to sing at the wedding. There’s no danger of that as they all love him dearly and Emma managed to remind him of that.

The Secret Circle


My friend didn’t like this show as much as I did. She said that the acting was really bad but that she couldn’t stop watching it.

I thought the show was really good. It was a little confusing at times but there was something new to solve along with the characters.

I wish some day that I will be like Diana and just go off with some great guy and not have to worry about anything that you’re leaving behind. I think she was right in going though. And Grant was a good choice to go away with.

And then there was everything that happened before she went away with the Crystal Skull and being on the boat where the fire was that killed some of their parents.

And finally Ringer…


I haven’t actually managed to watch the end of this show yet as I’ve had exams and been away with my friend and never had the time to sit down and watch them when no one else is in the house. But I am curious to see how it ends. So, fingers-crossed that it’s good, I’m hoping that Bridget comes clean to Andrew about who she really is and that she and Andrew can be together as they work really well and Juliet likes her as well.

Ok, so now that I have gone on about all the shows that are ending I am glad to say that I haven’t managed to watch the fifth season of Gossip Girl so I have that to look forward to and I am also waiting for the next series of Merlin and (don’t judge) Downton Abbey. Fingers crossed that they will all be back on soon so that I have something to fill my week nights with.

I don’t know how but I will be watching Gossip Girl. I am currently re-watching the seasons as I bought them on iTunes and I am still loving them although I do have to say that I don’t really like who Jenny becomes. She started out as such as nice, sweet, innocent girl and now she’s none of those.

I am also re-watching Merlin and there is one episode where I really feel for Merlin. It’s the episode with the girl that has the curse placed on her and at the end she dies and Merlin loves her so he cremates her with the mountains as the background as there were mountains where she used to live.

So I know that this post is now rather old. I did start writing it when these shows did actually finish but with other things going on I haven’t had the time to watch all of them quickly so I could post this when everything was finishing. Sorry for such a delay.

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