Beauty and the Beast by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont


Format: Kindle

For some reason I can’t actually find the blurb for this book but we generally know the story.

In this version Beauty comes from a very wealthy family with two brothers and two sisters.

But one day something goes wrong for her father and all their money is lost so they have to move out of the city.

The move doesn’t affect Beauty too much but her sisters who embraced the fine clothes and lavish houses and the things to do around town soon find the countryside boring.

Beauty’s father returns to town to sort something out with his business but on his way home he gets lost and he stumbles upon a house. This house is open and it seems as though it is welcoming him into the walls for the night.

Although he sees no one there is food for him and a room and in the morning his clothes have been washed.

Before he left he asked each daughter if there was anything that they would like for him to bring back. The two sisters asked for fine clothes and expensive stuff where as Beauty simply asked for a Rose.

So when Beauty’s father is leaving this house he sees roses and cuts off a branch for Beauty.

This angers the Beast who is the owner of the house and demands payment for him stealing the roses after he was so accommodating.

The payment he demands is that one of his daughters is to return to his house and live with him or he’ll kill Beauty’s father.

Beauty’s father returns home and tells them of the trouble that he has caused.

Beauty offers herself and goes to live with the Beast.

But after a while she gets home sick and asks to stay with her family for a week.

The Beast allows it but says that if she doesn’t return after a week he will die.

When Beauty wakes up in her own bed the next morning she realises how much she has missed her home.

Beauty ends up staying longer than a week but one night she also realises that she needs to go back to the Beast so she returns.

But when she returns she finds Beast half alive and seeing him like that Beauty realises that she does love him even though he looks ugly.

She tells him this and before her eyes the beast melts away to reveal a handsome young man.

I’ve never read this book apart from the Disney version and that is, of course, a lot more child friendly with dancing furniture and the like.

So it was nice to read one of the actual versions that the Disney version is based on.

I don’t think this is the original version but it is very similar.

I liked how selfless Beauty was compared to her sisters and how much she loved her father to offer for herself to go live with the Beast while her sisters let her go off and hope that they would never see her again.

The story is also good for promoting how you can love someone even if they have a different appearance.

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