Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler



Format: Paperback

If the love of your life died, what would you miss the most?

His voice?

His touch?

His heart beating against yours?

When Ivy’s boyfriend Tristan dies, she’s desolate without him, until she discovers Tristan hasn’t abandoned her – he’s her guardian angel, watching over her, close enough to hear, to see, to touch…

But Ivy’s life is in danger. If Tristan rescues her, his mission on earth will be over and he’ll have to leave her behind. Will Ivy lose Tristan forever?

This book has been sitting on my bookshelf since Christmas. It’s a big book and I wanted to enjoy it so I stopped myself from selecting it as school and exam would get in the way.

But now that school is finished I have read it.

And it was a great book.

As the story unfolded before me I wish that book characters could hear me speaking to them. But I guess that wouldn’t be very good if they could because I would be telling them everything and then what would be the point in reading the book because it would all change.

Anyway, I know that there is another book after this and now that I have read this one and know that Tristan succeeds in his mission I wonder what the next one will be about.

I did feel that the book dragged out a little and then everything started happening because when I was at least half of the way through Ivy still hadn’t figured out that Tristan was an angel and that she could see him if she believed in angels again. And then once she had figured it out it seemed that everything started happening and then suddenly it was all coming together and finishing.

I did like the characters in the book but Suzanne got a bit annoying when she was always siding with Gregory.

I really like Beth and Will and I’m glad that Ivy ended up with Will as he will be good for her now that Tristan is gone.

Lacey was also a good addition to keep things funny and to help Tristan. I also felt for her when she admitted to Tristan at the end how she felt about him but he didn’t realise. And now Tristan is gone and Lacey still hasn’t figured out what her mission is.

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9 thoughts on “Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

  1. Woop woop, you finally read it, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    The reason the pacing is a bit strange is that it was originally three books but in this one they’ve squished them into one book instead.

    I totally swooned over Tristen in this one! And Gregory as well actually….

    • Haha. Yeah.
      Ahhh right. Fair enough. So that’s why there is such a big different between this book and the next one you have?
      Haha, yeah. They did help the story flow 🙂

      • Ahhh cool. We need to do a book swap half way through summer or something 🙂

      • Sounds like a great idea! And we are nearly half through summer 😉 So yaaayyy soonish. 🙂 You can borrow the next book in the series for instance if you want. 🙂

  2. Haha, you think this is nearly half way through summer? We aren’t even in August yet. Haha, Yeah that would be good 🙂 I don’t think I’ve really read that many books lately for you to borrow actually… :/ x

    • Haha yeah…in my mind I’ve kind of mentally only let summer go up to results day, im too terrified about what comes after that, if I pass or not. But yes very true, not half way through summer yet!

      That’s fine don’t worry, there’s still tonnes of your books I haven’t read that you have, and I have a huge tbr pile anyway! 😛

      Do you want to meet up/do something soon?

      • Fair enough. My mind is so messed up with the passing of time right now. I don’t know when things are happening or how far away they are. It’s crazy. Haha. But results day will be fine. Do you want me to come get you on results day and we can go somewhere to open our results like we did last year or something?
        Haha, cool. I don’t think I have that many books to read but it just seems like it. Haha.
        Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Got anything planed any time soon or whatever?

      • Haha, I hope so. :S
        Yeah that’d be great! Much rather hang out with you and be nervous together.

        Cool, I will text you now. 🙂

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