Two Penny Blue by L K Jay


Format: Kindle

Two women, two different centuries, what happens when they meet?

Florence Howe and Dr Penny Black are both having a hell of a day on the 15th June in a house in Cambridge but one is in the year 1840 and the other in 2010.

One woman wakes up in the same house but in a different century to meet the other.

They have to find out why she is there and what they can do to help each other.


This was a sweet short story.

It’s interesting how they both manage to accept each other so easily when they find themselves thrown together.

It’s also great how they both manage to help each other in separate ways.

The author has managed to get the confusion of being chucked into the modern world with major advancements in technology and they have also managed to write the main character from 2010 as someone who will cope and understand and who is patient when explaining things.

The two characters compliment each other very well and they get along really well for the situation they find themselves in.

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