Isle Of Wight

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Many Many Many Many weeks ago I went on holiday with my friend Amy to the Isle of Wight.

We did plan on being there for a week but in the end we came home early as the weather was rubbish and we had run out of things to do.

It also doesn’t help when it’s raining and all the attractions are outside rather than indoors.

Day 1

We spent this day travelling. I drove down in my little car and it takes about two hours to get to the ferry in Portsmouth. And the worst part was that the Sat Nav broken before we even really got started so we had to reply on my previous experience of driving down there and directions I printed off for us just in case something like this did happen. Which was fortunate.

We had a nice break from being in the car for 40 minutes and had some lunch of a bacon sandwich and a sausage sandwich and then it was back to the car.

It was then another half an hour to the bungalow we were staying in as it is on the other side of the island to the ferry port.

We didn’t end up doing much after we had arrived and unpacked. We watched a couple of DVDs and ventured into Freshwater for some food shopping and then we had dinner in Yarmouth.


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Day 2

Today was actually very nice and sunny so we started off our day by going to the needles. Unfortunately Amy is scared of heights so we didn’t go down and take the boat out to the needles but we ended up walking along to the battlement at the end of the road.

After that we went into Shanklin, found a nice little cafe for lunch and then walked along the seafront.

We could see Sandown and started to walk along to it but decided half way there that we couldn’t be bothered.

So we ended up turning back. On our way back to the car we decided that we would buy a cheap beach towel for the next day as we had looked at the weather that morning and it said that it would be the same the next day.

Of course, we hadn’t thought and by lunch time we were both regretting the fact that we were in jeans and not shorts.

For dinner we had found a Co-Op in Shankiln and bought some food for us to cook ourselves.


SAM_0263 SAM_0278 SAM_0280 SAM_0288 SAM_0292PICT0447 PICT0449 PICT0456 


Day 3

I don’t know why we believed the weather as it is England so of course if was raining and miserable rather than lovely and sunny. So instead we went to Butterfly World and Fountain World as they are inside.

We had a nice hour at least wondering around and looking at the butterflies. Fountain world wasn’t as interesting but when you went into butterfly world you paid for fountain world as well.

After we had wasted a couple of hours there we thought we would go to the IoW Steam Railway but when we got there we decided it wouldn’t be worth it so we went to Cowes to get some lunch and to go on the Chain Car Ferry from East Cowes to Cowes.

After getting off the ferry and getting a little bit lost we found a place to park and then went and got some lunch from the Octopus Cafe. I always go there with my family and we keep on going back so I thought it would be nice for us to go there as well. The only thing I didn’t think about was the fact that we always get some food and then went and ate it somewhere else so the cafe was a little disappointing in how sad it looked in the rain.

After that we spent the afternoon bowling in Ryde and had a good 2 hours inside forgetting about the horrible weather.

We also managed to find a massive Tesco as well as we were leaving Ryde for the night. We were amazed as we had only previously seen Co-op’s around the island.


SAM_0321 SAM_0328 SAM_0329 SAM_0331 SAM_0344 SAM_0347 PICT0497 PICT0500 


Day 4

Today was the day that we decided that we were going home early.

We walked up to Fort Victoria and visited the aquarium although walking was a bad idea as we managed to get pretty wet.

After we had walked back to the bungalow (and I have put on some dry trousers) we went and got the ferry ticket changed before we went to Sandown and played some indoor Mini Golf (that I had never realised was there before). Unfortunately Amy won by 1 point.


SAM_0360 SAM_0382 SAM_0386 SAM_0403 SAM_0408 SAM_0414 SAM_0415 SAM_0425 


Day 5

By this point we had done everything we had wanted to do so we spent this day sitting on the sofa in our PJ’s and under our duvets watching the many DVDs we had brought with us and a couple of ones we had found cheap in Tesco. We also did the boring things like packing and cleaning the bungalow.


Day 6

It is the way that it was sunny on the day we left but we had had enough and were ready to go home by now so again we spent the day travelling.

We finished off our holiday by having dinner at a pub near to Amy’s house as the last night of our holiday.




Now I must explain the next couple of pictures. When we were first driving around the island we noticed signs warning us about Squirrels. You don’t see these around where we live so we just had to get pictures of these and then we found the sign with the duck and Amy just made me laugh by saying that ducks were restricted to flying only 30mph which she didn’t realise they could do. It was a little weird. But anyway, we found the last one by pure chance and just had to get a picture of it due to an inside joke between her and her boyfriend. So that explains the random signs. 🙂


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