The Big Wide World

In a couple of days independence is going to take on a whole new meaning for me.

About a month ago I went into school, received an envelope and hesitantly open it up to reveal my exam result that decided my fate for the coming school year.

Luckily my grades were just good enough for my selected application which means that I managed to get into University on my desired course!


But now that the date of expected arrival and I have a pile of boxes at the end of my bed I am getting more and more worried about how things will turn out.

Unfortunately my sister, the more sociable, outgoing one of us, didn’t like university at all and came home very soon after arriving there.

I hope I will manage to stay until Christmas at least and then, if I don’t like it, come home so I can at least say that I gave it a good go!

I am in self-catered halls which means that I will need to cook for myself (which luckily I can just about manage) wash my own clothes (this will be a learning process) and make new friends (which is the part I’m most dreading).

I do realise that everyone else is in exactly the same position but I’m not the best person at making new friends and talking to people I don’t know.


I will be taking books and DVDs to keep me sane and to help me cope but I really do hope that they won’t be needed.

Fingers-crossed that I survive the next big adventure in my life…

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