I recently went on holiday to Portugal, Albufeira.

IMG_1963 IMG_1961

This was one of my family’s ‘Sun Holiday’ so this means for us mostly lying around by the pool, reading books and sunbathing, and occasionally jumping in the pool to cool down a little.

There was a interesting fountain which was only turned on in the mornings so I didn’t really see it when it was on as I wasn’t awake.


And as we were in a self-catered apartment building we went out for dinner each night.

There was a place called The Strip which we went to for dinner on the first night and one other night but it is where all the loud music is and that doesn’t suit my parents so every other night we were there we went to ‘The Old Town’ which was a short 15 minute walk away and was filled with restaurants and alley’s to wander down. We did get a taxi back every night but at least we walked there. And at the end of the walk they had Outdoor Escalators (!!) for people to use to get down from a viewing point.

SAM_0561 IMG_1986


And as the Old Town was on the beach we would see these sand sculptures which would, every so often,change and they were so good that I had to take some pictures! And it was lovely as they lit them up at night with some tea lights.

SAM_0599 SAM_0600

SAM_0603 IMAG0102

One day we walked down to the beach and it was quite a nice beach but we don’t really go to beaches as mum doesn’t really like sand but I don’t mind. But I found this sign which I thought was a little weird as I didn’t see any reason that they couldn’t go the other way as well and also the sea had quite big waves which I tried (and failed) to capture in a picture:

SAM_0574 SAM_0581

We also had a slight disturbance one morning where a car, somehow, managed to crash into the railing along the path outside the apartments and woke us all up. In the picture the car in question is the one the police are standing next to and the railing is on the other side of the road. They managed to break up the railing and it is all over the path. So because of this I saw a sunrise, which I never thought I would see when I was on holiday.

IMAG0097 IMAG0099

I did get to see plenty of sunsets which were lovely.

SAM_0545 SAM_0546

Unusually, for a holiday with me and my parents, we went on a City Sightseeing Bus Tour. Which was quite nice. I’ve never been on one and my parents normally do things like this if they are on a holiday without me or my sister.

But it was enjoyable and we went and had some breakfast/lunch at the harbour. The place we ate at had a slight fail at spelling Lasagne on a sign that was clearly for English customers. (The picture next to the sign is meant to be of some fish but I don’t think you can really see them).

SAM_0646 SAM_0645


And because I’m so cool I took a picture of all the different round-a-bouts we passed as they were interesting (I always manage to find the most random things to take pictures of):

SAM_0607 SAM_0608

SAM_0610 SAM_0612

SAM_0618 SAM_0619


And if we ever needed to know there was a McDonald’s near by. We knew this because there was a bright yellow M that lit up the view in the evenings but that I, oddly, didn’t notice until mum pointed it out to me one night. (Sorry about the terrible quality of the picture but it is the yellow light in the middle of the picture, just over from the orange street light).


Luckily all through the 12 days we were there we had nice weather with a couple of slightly cloudy afternoons but nothing too bad. And then on the morning we left we woke up to major cloud cover:


But Luckily we left that day Smile

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