University Life

So three months ago now I moved to uni!

It’s amazing that it’s been that long already!

The first couple of days were rather emotional but I managed to get through it and now I think I can say that I am very happy where I am.

I have met a couple of lovely people in the kitchen I share with 10 other people and there are some nice people on my course as well which is great!

I have not been going out every night with people but that suits me just fine. I’m not the kind of person that goes out loads and I can quite happily sit in my room all evening watching TV or reading books Smile

My routine hasn’t changed much from when I was living at home and if I was like this at home, why can’t I be like this here?

I am just across the road from a big fenced off area of grass and so I have taken books with me and been and sat there for a change of scenery and to get out of my small room. Although it is getting much colder now and I can’t really sit for very long. I’m able to sit in my room and read now. To start with I was going to the park to get out and do something different but now I don’t need that.

When my course started the work was surprisingly easy and I am thankful that I managed to understand it otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten off to a very good start. As the weeks have gone on and the work has gotten ever so slightly harder I am still able to understand and keep up with what we are meant to be doing so I am glad about that. I do like most of the work for my course which is a plus.

I have been missing my friends that are off in other parts of the country and who are also back home still so if they could move here then I think I would be perfectly happy. Of course with them being happy here as well rather than just moving here for me and then hating it here.

Having just explained the ease of how I’ve settled into uni life so quickly I do feel bad as other friends I have aren’t liking it as much as me. They aren’t happy and I feel bad telling them how well it’s going for me right now. I know at least 3 separate people who aren’t liking it with varying degrees of unhappiness. I wish I could do something to help them and find the contentment that I have, just so they can last out the year at least if not the full 3 years so they can finish the course they initially thought they would love and get a good job because of it.

I am now back home for Christmas and unfortunately I do have work to complete over the holidays. 😦