Underworld by Meg Cabot

5/5 Stars – It Was Amazing13646087

Format: Paperback

Pierce isn’t dead. Not yet.

But John Hayden, lord of the Underworld, has taken her to the place where the spirits of the deceased gather. He says it’s for her safety, to protect her from the vengeful Furies. But could he have other reasons for keeping her close?

Pierce might be safe in the Underworld, but she soon learns that the people she loves back on earth are not. Can she convince John to release her in order to save her family – or will the price he asks her to pay be too high?

This book focuses a lot more on the the characters of Pierce and John. At the end of the first book John takes Pierce back to the Underworld. The world which she escaped from when she died at the age of fifteen. And now that John has taken her back there she can’t leave. Ever. Or so he leads her to believe. Due to extenuating circumstances they take a couple of trips back to the mortal world but things don’t go according to plan. And if things couldn’t get any worse John lied to her about something extremely important.

John is very much the tortured hero of the trilogy but we do finally get to find out why he is the way he is. And although he sometimes does stuff that isn’t exactly what you would normally do he always believes that he’s doing the right thing. In a way he doesn’t know any different and so in his mind he is doing the right thing. But I think Pierce has a good influence on him and he when she’s around she forces him to start considering things a little more before acting first and asking questions later.

Pierce on the other hand is the same as she has always been. Which is actually a good thing. She tries to make the best of the situation she finds herself in and gives it a try rather than demanding that things change the instant she finds herself in a place that she would much rather she wasn’t. Plus she cares about the people around her first and foremost before herself. She does have times when she puts herself first but that’s allowed and everyone does it anyway.

It’s a great storyline about sacrifice and love and secrets and about the consequences that can incur when certain actions are taken. Whether those actions are taken out of love or to protect those who you love there can be consequences, some of which cause more harm than the actions themselves.

I loved the book but I can’t believe how they left the ending. Major cliff-hanger. And the third book isn’t even out yet! Sad smile

Image Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13646087-underworld

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