Expecting to Fly by Cathy Hopkins


Format: Paperback

It’s decision time for India Jane.

How can she choose her A-level subjects when she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life? And is she right to get serious with Joe when there are so many other boys out there?

Sometimes India Jane feels as is everything is possible and she can’t wait to make all her dreams come true. And sometimes she feels she isn’t ready for all these momentous decisions which will affect the rest of her life…

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Looking For A Hero by Cathy Hopkins


Format: Paperback


India Jane is feeling frustrated.

She thought that Joe was her soulmate, but things seem to be going nowhere with him. Perhaps what she feels for him isn’t ‘love’ after all – whatever that is.

Gathering her friends around her, she sets out to find the boy of her dreams by Christmas.

Her exploration is pretty disastrous, but just when she is in total dispair, two gorgeous boys surface.

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Starting Over by Cathy Hopkins


Format: Paperback


New term, new school – but India Jane isn’t looking forward to being the new girl in Year Eleven. Everyone else already has their circle of friends and India Jane feels like she’s on the outside looking in. At least she’s at the same school as Joe, the boy she met on holiday in Greece, and she’s hoping that they may become more than just friends.

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This Way to Paradise by Cathy Hopkins



Format: Paperback


Meet India Jane.

Known to her friends and big, chaotic family as Cinnamon Girl. Born in India, she’s lived all over the world. But what she really wants is to stop travelling and have a real home.

Just when it looks as though she’ll get her wish her father lands a job which means the family are on the move again. So India Jane is sent off to her aunt’s new age holiday centre for the summer. It could be paradise – but India Jane feels alone and confused.

Should she party with her rebellious cousin, Kate? Or search for inner peace with the meditation crowd? And will mystery boy Joe help India Jane discover where her true happiness lies?

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