Isle Of Wight

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Many Many Many Many weeks ago I went on holiday with my friend Amy to the Isle of Wight.

We did plan on being there for a week but in the end we came home early as the weather was rubbish and we had run out of things to do.

It also doesn’t help when it’s raining and all the attractions are outside rather than indoors.

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Canal Boating

So, wow, boating, where to begin…

Day 1

Number of locks: 8

Dinner: Penkridge, Cross Keys

So, nice long car journey to start the holiday. Left home at about 9:30 and we ended up picking the boat up at around 2. We did stop for some lunch on the way so it wasn’t constant travelling.

For the first day it wasn’t too bad, the locks had reasonable spaces between them. But I totally forgot how much your hands suffer when doing locks as you basically give yourself blisters. Such fun!

And I also managed to forget how small the single beds are! They are tiny. I managed to fit in it but not very comfortably. They’re probably about half the size of a normal single, I’m sure!

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